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Teasers from the New Catalogue

Love your enthusiasm! Already many enquiries about when the new catalogue is out. 
Hopefully it'll be off to the printer first thing next week.
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"Hello and Goodbye"

Love your enthusiasm! Already many enquiries about when the new catalogue is out. 
Hopefully it'll be off to the printer first thing next week.

The catalogue should be available from mid-July. If you purchased from us directly in the last year, keep an eye on your mailbox at this time.

decidingDecisions have been made as to which varieties are in and which ones are out.  As hard as it can be sometimes, the new or replacement varieties have been sourced.

Seed consignments are rolling in the door to replenish the stocks with lots of lovely fresh seed.

All your customer photos, entered in our annual competition, have been collated, perused and voted upon for both production in the catalogue and online brag galleries.

The printers are poised to hit the start button.  They have the mail-out files ready for the wrapping and stamping.  As always, choosing the new cover is very exciting, especially as the date of the big reveal looms closer.

With all of this in mind, here's a few teasers of this season's new varieties:

M4117 part

A new microgreen with several different types.

3696 part

Really cute stripey addition to the organic range.

7169 part

A fun mix that your kids/grandchildren will enjoy growing.

0992 part

The result of Gerard's "passion" for growing these.

9088 part

These little sweeties will be a real talking point in your garden.

0002 part

Just look at the beautiful colour combo on this bushy plant.

7651 part-476

Another eye-watering version of this very welcome newcomer to the range.


Each year decisions have to be made as to what should be deleted from the range to allow space for new interesting varieties.  Feedback is received each year from disappointed gardeners about deletions but maybe it's just time for you to try something new - you could find another favourite!

Some of the varieties left out this time....

Sourcing the seed for these varieties has proved too great a challenge:
Phlomis Lemon Puffs
Beetroot Kestrel F1
Onion Stuttgart Longkeeper
Melon Banana

MPI testing requirements have made it non-cost effective to import this seed (therefore too expensive for you):
Watermelon Rapid Red F1
Salad Purslane
Gourd Long Dipper
Melon Bitter Sharp Bite F1

And although a shame, we have gardeners who've tried these varieties and love them, but unfortunately their sales just don't warrant staying in the catalogue:
Spinach Upright F1
Pumpkin Amish Pie
Tomato Black Zebra
Corn for Popping

"Au Revoir"          "Ciao"          "Despedida"          "Abshied"

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Vicki says ...
I'm ordering petunia sophistica lime green, the description says it looks great with petunia sophistica blackberry and I could see exactly where I'd put that combo in my garden. But to my disappointment you don't stock the blackberry petunia.
Barbara from Kings Seeds says ...
I'm afraid they're both on the DELETE list.
It just so happens that we had stock remaining of the Lime Green (hence Bargain Bin status) but the Blackberry was all gone.

Oh dear!

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