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Staff Picks - Last spring & This spring

After a bit of research the following information seemed pertinent to share with you.  Maybe it will inspire you to try something new or maybe you have exactly the same favourite.
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Favourites from last spring


What are they going to try this spring?

After a bit of research the following information seemed pertinent to share with you.  Maybe it will inspire you to try something new, or maybe you have exactly the same favourite.

Jude's favourite was Jarrahdale Pumpkin.

jarrahdale pumpkins
She loves the variety because she found it easy to grow these good size, tasty pumpkins

This season Jude is going to try the new Abutilon Chinese Lanterns.



Barb's favourite were the Dahlia's.

In particular the Bloody Mary Mix as the red flowers with the darker foliage were an eye-catching foil to the other dahlias with the lighter foliage and flowers.  They handled the dry weather really well and flowered for ages.

Due to enjoying the dahlias so much, this season she is going to try the new Showpiece Giants.

Camilla's favourite was the Echinacea Lustre Hybrids.

She is busy establishing gardens on a new rural property so the vibrant colours were a welcome sight in amongst all the new beds.

The new variety Echinacea Green Twister is at the top of her list for spring.

echinacea twister-579

Deb's favourite was the Campanula Blue Bells.

The fact that they spread well to fill up bare areas and make a lovely cut flower were a hit.

Echinacea Green Twister and the new Dahlia Showpiece Giants have made it on to Deb's list for this spring too.

Karen's favourite was the Phlox Sugar Stars.

Not really a big flower grower, she germinated a few to see what they looked like and found they were easy to grow, a stunning range of purple and white colours and the scent was a real bonus.  They also flowered well into the cold weather.
phlox bunch2

Tomato Sunrise Bumble Bee has caught her eye so she is going to give those a try along with the new small Watermelon Nikita.

nikita sunrise

BJ's favourite was the Tomato Winter Grape.

wgrape iapple

She is keen to try the new Tomato Indigo Apple.

Liz's favourite was the Rudbeckia Rustic Dwarf.

She mixed these in with the darker foliage and red colouring of some dahlias she has had in for several years and really enjoyed the contrast.
rudbeckia acroclinium
This season Liz is going to dot some Acroclinium Summer Giants through the herb garden for extra weed suppression.

Lastly, Gerard was really pleased with his trial crops last year being the gourds and passionflowers.  Some of these have made it into the catalogue.


He is looking forward to trialling some medicinal herbs this season so we will report back on that at a later stage.

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