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Sneaky Peek 2015 New Varieties

Let's have a look at some of the new additions!
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Did you place an order directly with us in the past 12 months?  If so, a catalogue should be on its way to you and it may already have been delivered.  If you haven't received one by the end of the month, send us a quick email to and we'll be happy to send you a complimentary copy.

In the meantime, lets have a look at some of the new additions!

Flowers - COSMOS
We are anticipating the 'Year of the Cosmos 2016' (Fleuroselect) by adding four new varieties this year.  The colours as shown below are lovely so there is something for everybody.

new cosmos-435


Last year, due to suppliers' harvest problems, we faced huge challenges in sourcing sufficient organic carrot seed, hence constant 'Out of Stock' messages on the website. This year, we've managed to add a variety - a long slender tapered variety.

Carrot Tendersweet

How about this lovely combo to put in your sandwich?  Its very English, very crunchy and nice and peppery.

Mustard Cress Microgreen

This perennial herb is an ancient medicinal plant.  The roots make a lovely refreshing cup of tea that, among other things, is good for satisfying your afternoon sugar cravings.

Gourmet Vegetables - CARROT PUSA ASITA
This is an amazing purple/black carrot from India with the same intense colour right through to the core.  It's also nutrient rich and packed with antioxidants.  Due to its origin, it prefers warmer temperatures and is heat tolerant so best sown in late spring.

Black carrot

Try growing these for your Asian cooking.  The eggplant produces small 5-7cm round fruit and grows prolifically.  The okra is superior in taste to the green varieties and the reddish orange pods look amazing.

eggplant okra

Gourmet Vegetables - PEAN
We had so many enquiries about this last season, we decided to grow our own.  The vines were very productive so our generous packet of approx 30 seeds should give you lots of Peans to harvest.  Available ONLINE only as we have limited seed.


Gourmet Vegetables - CHILLI HABANERO PEACH
This year we have added a heat indication in the catalogue for our chillies - mild, medium, hot or very hot.  Habanero is always near the top of the Scoville chart and this peach one is no exception.  Try it in ice-cream.

Chilli habanero peach

Gourmet Vegetables - TOMATOES
Two of the seven new tomatoes are Andiamo F1 and Chef's Choice Orange F1.  Andiamo is a prolific roma style tomato and therefore low in acid.  The Chef's Choice Orange is a really bright tangerine beefsteak type that tastes great and consequently an AAS Winner in 2014.

new toms

On a Saturday!

Would you like to hear Gerard talking about our new varieties?  Be in first to purchase these and talk to our staff?  Here's your chance, especially if you're unable to visit us Friday mornings when we're open to the public.

Not only will you be able to purchase the new varieties and all your old favourites, we'll have specials on discontinued varieties.  So if you're anywhere near Katikati on Saturday 11th July, we'd love to see you.  The doors open at 9am, Gerard speaks at 10am and we close at midday.

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