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Our pre-Orchard Post

Our giant order of fruit trees is due to arrive TODAY (we are so excited). I'd post a photo for you, but the trees aren't here yet.
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It's finally warming up here in the Central North Island. I'm starting to believe that Spring is actually on the way. The daffodils are still out here, and my freesias have buds and will soon be making the garden smell beautiful!

Even the anemones that survived being harvested in error as a pizza topping are growing well and I'm looking forward to seeing them bloom.

On the other hand, my lettuces that provided salad greens for us right through the winter, have finally started going to seed. Ideally, I would have re-sown and have some more seedlings to replace them, but as often happens to gardeners, other things have been getting in the way!


Posting a photo of the current state of our back garden should help to explain what's going on. Being in the middle of a building project has taken over all our spare time, although we can see light at the end of the tunnel. Combining that with taking on a new job has meant that the poor garden has had to wait.

new garden 7 end of september

However, there is always an up-side. The new job may be making me more time-poor, but it has meant that our gardening budget has increased. Our giant order of fruit trees is due to arrive TODAY (we are so excited). I'd post a photo for you, but the trees aren't here yet.  We have ordered lots of apple trees, stone fruit and citrus, and are going to turn our wonderful, sunny front lawn into an orchard and food forest. Our little lemon tree will be glad of the company.

The varieties have been carefully chosen to provide successive fruit harvests – combining early varieties with late varieties so that we can have fruit ready throughout the year. It was touch and go whether this part of our garden project was going to go ahead this season or not – we nearly decided that getting a whole heap of bare-rooted fruit trees into the ground was going to be too much for us. However, the trees are on the way, so the next thing to organise will be a tree-planting day, complete with friends and food! I'm hoping that we can report back on the results of our planting day in our next garden update.

September garden montage

Other signs of Spring in the garden is that the potted herbs are starting to grow again, after sitting dormant through the coldest weather.  The lettuces might need re-sowing, but nature has provided plenty of self-sown chickweed, which has just popped up here and there.  It makes a nice salad green, and I've also been adding it to our soups for a bit of freshness and colour.  It's always worth doing a check around the garden to see what self-sown surprises you can find!


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Ruth says ...
Great to see what you're up to. Knowing how well planned your last garden was, I'm sure this one will be an inspiration. All the best

Oh dear!

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