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Our Pets in the Garden

What do your pets do when you are working in the garden? We talk a lot about our pets here at work so I asked everyone to take some photos of their pets in the garden ...

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What do your pets do when you are working in the garden?

We talk a lot about our pets here at work so I asked everyone to take some photos of their pets in the garden so we could share them in a blog.

border sep

Mia & Winston  (live with Karen)
My two border collies are always alert when I open the gardening cupboard and follow me out to the garden to keep a close eye on me.  If I spend any amount of time at their level they will come and snuggle in for a pat and a chat so they are lovely company to have.  They constantly feel the need to sniff everything to make sure it's not suspicious or edible.  When they are satisfied, they mooch off to find a bit of shade close by to stay alert to the danger of new dubious additions to the piles of tools, seedlings or weeds.  The odd twig gets a bit of a chew if boredom sets in.

Over the years we have given them the odd sugar snap pea or beans when we are picking some for our meal.  They love them, so much so that I have seen Winston now helping himself by pulling at the lower hanging beans when he is feeling a little peckish.  Needless to say, my runner beans live precariously and I often have to tie them up again.  Maybe one day he will learn to nip the bean off nicely without compromising the whole vine.  I know borders are smart but I don't fancy trying to teach him that wee trick.
eating beans

border sep

Talis & Archie  (live with Jude)

These two live on a lifestyle block so get to spend most of their time roaming about.  As Jude spends so much time in her garden, they are usually not far away enjoying the company.  Talis gets to help with the rounding up of stock and Archie spends much of his time in the barn keeping the vermin numbers down.

border sep

Joe  (lives with Camilla)

This fellow is getting on in years and is very, very talkative.  He loves a good roll in the dust and was very curious about the camera.


border sep

Pipi, Lulu & Missy  (live with Jaime)

border sep

Tiki  (lives with BJ)
Tiki spends most of his time sleeping in the garden at the moment.  His favourite spot is curled up under the corn.

border sep

Nigel, Mischief, Mimi, Neo & Nikita  (live with Liz)

This menagerie are enough to keep anyone busy.  Mischief (the cat) was not prepared to move from the warm spot in the driveway but the others all live in the garden so were very co-operative for their photo shoot. There is handsome Nigel (the turtle), Neo & Nikita (the birds) and Mimi (the rabbit).


border sep

Ernie  (lives with Deb)

This feline is a hunter and has a wonderful time in his environment, living on a lifestyle block.  He was being a little aloof for his photo-shoot due to the fact that he wanted to have his latest catch in the photo too.  He's not really into 'cute'.


border sep

Chester, Lucy & Jasper  (live with Barb & Gerard)


border sep

Garden Visitors

Finally, these were visitors that Liz and Deb took photos of when they were in their gardens during the holidays.

garden visitors

We hope you have enjoyed all our pictures.
If you have some pics of your pets in your garden, why not enter them in our photo competition.  Just send them to [email protected] and you may win a prize when we select our photos for the catalogue.

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Pip says ...
Loved your photos...We had a Border Collie who used to dig carrots out of the garden and eat them..
Now my companions when in the garden are my hens, they are VERY interested in what I am doing....
Jane Laking says ...
The cat called Mischief ... took me right back to childhood ... our family cat was Mischief, she was totally black and we think half siamese as she was lean and light boned with slanted green eyes and wide set ears - very very elegant. She was very sought after and quite a naughty lady. She had 71 kittens before we finally had her speyed and in our village one of Mischief's kittens was quite a bonus as they were all taught to be splendid hunters ... and Mischief was an ace hunter! She was also a loving and affectionate cat and had a very clear idea of what was prey and what was not. She caught John's white mouse when he got loose (not a scratch on him under her paw) and then yowled to let John know. She never stalked Henny Penny's chicks and she never caught any of the goldfish in the outdoor pool although she clearly could. Anything else was fair game. She lived in good health until she was 22 and then faded gently away over the next 6 months. She was a glorious, wonderful cat with a wicked sense of humour. And a great mother to all those kittens...

Oh dear!

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