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Our Garden at Xmas / Close Down Dates

Christmas is looming fast... We are selling gifts and vouchers at a great rate of knots.
The Christmas decorations are up.
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Christmas is looming fast now.................

We have finished stock take.

Our commercial customers have been rung to remind them of our closing dates.

We are selling gifts and vouchers at a great rate of knots.

The Christmas decorations are up.

The Christmas demo day has been and gone.

Our staff Christmas party is this weekend.

We are open 10am - 3pm (Monday- Friday) until 18th December.
This is something we are doing for the first time.  Normally we are only open to the public on a Friday morning but we have decided to extend that for the next couple of weeks.  So if you live in the neighbourhood or are travelling through, come and see us.  We will be happy to show you around and we have some great gift packs and vouchers available to suit all budgets.


Your Christmas garden
The time for all the festivities with family and friends will soon be here. Time to show off all that lovely produce from your garden that you have been nurturing in time for Christmas.

Freshly picked peas, mesclun salad, edible flowers, strawberries & raspberries, early tomatoes, courgettes and cucumbers.  Yummy!  And the delicious new potatoes of course.
The garden update here at Kings Seeds premises

Gerard planted a huge patch of wild flowers last year and they have done their wild thing this year all along the side of the building.  The chaos and colour is just beautiful and the poppies have been voted the favourite.
wildflowers on shed
He also planted a border along the top of a retaining wall so that when we all pull into the car park in the morning, we are greeted with a picture of blooms.  Check out the before and after.  It's all the new varieties which is great because we don't always get to see the grown seed unless we have room in our own gardens.
wall garden-363-352
Not long after we moved to these premises (May 2010) a row of flowering cherry trees were planted in a row along the roadside fence.  As young sticks with a few leaves, they were buffeted and bent by the winds coming off the Kaimai ranges and Gerard kept assuring us they would grow into big straight trees with the most beautiful flowers.  Back in spring we got to enjoy his wisdom with the most amazing display of pink blossom.  Now he needs to just get them to blossom all year round so we can enjoy them for longer.  That is surely a challenge, even for Gerard's wisdom.

row of cherry trees
Kings Seeds will be closed for the holidays

We will be closed from 5pm Tuesday 22nd December and re-opening Thursday 7th January.

At this time of the year we are all tuckered out after the busy spring season so we need a nice long rejuvenating holiday that includes some time to potter in our own gardens.  
To ensure that you get your order before Christmas (with post and couriers being so busy), we recommend placing your order no later than 18 December.  All orders placed after 8:30am on Tuesday 22 December will be attended to sometime between 7 and 11 January as we all return to attend to the backlog of orders.
MERRY CHRISTMAS everybody and we look forward to seeing/talking to/blogging/emailing/face-booking you in the New Year.  Happy festive gardening.
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