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New Varieties from 2016 Catalogue - how did they do?

We think you have excellent taste - over the last year since the 2016 catalogue was issued you have shown us which are your favourites from amongst our new varieties, and we can't help but agree with you! 
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We think you have excellent taste - over the last year since the 2016 catalogue was issued you have shown us which are your favourites from amongst our new varieties, and we can't help but agree with you!  You have picked some really great varieties and we hope you continue to enjoy growing them.  

So without further ado, here is the list of some of last year's new varieties that became firm favourites:  


Carrot Pusa Asita

  These seeds have flown off the shelves.  These almost-black carrots with their striking purple colouring which is far from skin-deep have been hugely popular and is has been exciting to see them start to show up in restaurants, market stalls and vege shops, as they are being grown around New Zealand.   These carrots are sweet in flavour and completely spectacular on the plate.

Ornamental Carrot Purple Kisses

Continuing with the purple theme - this variety brings a stunning range of purples into the garden.  The flower heads of this ornamental carrot are like a mauve-purple coloured version of Queen Anne's Lace or Bishops Flower and looks stunning grown in combination with these.  It's not surprising that this has been a popular variety since we introduced it into our range last year.  

Phlox Sugar Stars

The pretty blue flowers with a white star-shaped centre, make it easy to see why this variety of phlox has been another really popular variety amongst our new introductions.  Some of our staff also grew these this season - Karen grew these and reported that they made a beautiful display and that they were also fragrant as well.  Her phlox have continued to flower into winter!


Tasty Tonic Sprouts

tasty tonic sprouts

This mix of sprouting seeds is quick to grow, being ready in just four days, and is very nutritious.  A mix of alfalfa, broccoli, chia, cress and kohlrabi,  this is another new variety from 2016 that you have loved.


Kale Chinese Red

kale chinese red

Kale Chinese Red has been a popular introduction to our microgreen range, almost certainly because of the striking colour!


Coriander Indian Summer


We are delighted that we have been able to provide our organic gardeners with a source of untreated coriander seed.  Most coriander seed available here has been treated but this is untreated and grown here in New Zealand. This variety has been popular since we introduced it, and it is our only untreated coriander.


Broccoli Chinese Gai Lan

Gai Lan, also known as Chinese Broccoli has been another introduction that you have enjoyed.  This is a nicely flavoured green that can be used in both Eastern and Western style cooking.   



  Interest in these seeds has been phenomenal.  Wow!  This highly regarded tree from Northern India is high in vitamins and minerals and is almost entirely edible from the leaves and seeds to the roots.  Cook the immature seed pods like green beans, the leaves like spinach and the roots like horseradish.  The flowers, seeds and bark also have many therapeutic uses so we can see why you like this variety so much.


Cosmos Chocolate

It isn't every variety that makes it onto our Top 50 list during it's first year in the catalogue.  This cosmos is such a pretty colour and you have moved it solidly into the favourites list over the last twelve months.  Deservedly so - it is a stunning colour, with flowers in a unique velvet burgundy so rich that it is almost black.

Now we can look forward to the 2017 catalogue - what treasures are in store and what will become your new favourites for the 2017/2018 growing season?
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Megan says ...
Most of these I ordered from you in the last year, but my favourites by far are the awesome purple carrots and moringa! Moringa is such an awesome little tree, reported to have so many positive effects on health, that in a lot of the world, they take it as a sort of 'multi-vitamin'. No luck getting it past a 2cm high seedling here (it doesn't cope with cold temps), so might have to grow it as an annual, which makes me very very sad :(.
Karen says ...
Our whole family loved the purple carrots, they will be a garden staple for sure! The taste is something else too, either raw or cooked they are amazing. We're always told to eat highly coloured fruit and veges and I suspect the anthocyanins in these beauties pack a major health punch.

Oh dear!

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