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New Catalogue & the Launch

We thought you might like to hear about a few of the new varieties that have been added this year so keep reading. We also wanted to let you know that we're having an open day here at 189 Wharawhara Road, Katikati.
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The catalogue is on its way..........

We thought you might like to hear about a few of the new varieties that have been added this year so keep reading.

We also wanted to let you know that we are having a launch day here at 189 Wharawhara Road, Katikati.

The date is Saturday 23rd July

We will be open from 10am - Midday

Gerard is going to talk about all the new varieties at 10am sharp and you can pick up your free copy of the catalogue.  We hope you can make it and get the low-down early so you can plan your seed purchase for spring.  If you haven't been to visit us before, this would be the perfect time to do so.


So....back to the new varieties.

The research had been done, decisions have been made, seed has been sourced, and the catalogue has been carefully laid out and sent to the printer.  They should start appearing in letterboxes early next week.

We have added some new ORGANIC varieties:

Bean California Red Kidney

kidney bean

This is a dwarf bean grown to harvest the red kidney bean seeds.  It produces a high yield.

Broccoli Purple Sprouting

purple broc

We have had purple sprouting broccoli in our Gourmet vegetables for a while, but now we have managed to source an organic variety.  Plant in early spring or start late in summer.

In the Gourmet Vegetable section for something new you could try:
Bean Asian Winged

Winged bean

This bean from New Guinea has lovely winged edges on the pod.  Nothing is wasted because you can eat everything from the roots to the pods.

Pumpkin Beretta Piacentina

pumpkin beretta

This is a very unique pumpkin and an heirloom variety.  The fruit are 2-3kg each with low fibre, dense nutty sweet flesh.

There is a new group of Fruiting Plants and trees (see page 92 of the catalogue):

Tamarillo Large Red


Tamarillo has returned to our catalogue.  We managed to source some good seed here in NZ and are very happy to be able to put it in our catalogue again.




Its easy to grow these lovely little melons.  Like a rockmelon in taste but not as musky.
Moringa Horseradish Tree


This grows fast and loves heat.  The immature pods can be cooked like green beans and the rest of the tree can be used too.

Carob Tree


The pods of the Carob Tree are edible and the dried pods are ground to powder and used as a replacement for cocoa powder.

Passionfruit, Goji Berry & Cape Gooseberry

These have been available in previous years and have been moved into this group.

Some new flowers this season include:
Wildflower Wild Blue Yonder

wild blue yonder

Here is another wildflower to add to our popular range which concentrates on blue hardy annuals.  The bees love blue flowers so its functional too.

Chocolate Cosmos

Choc cosmos

If you love dark coloured flowers in your garden for contrast, then this is perfect.  It is the first time this stunning cosmos has been available to grow from seed.

Phlox Sugar Stars

Phlox sugar stars

The colours are beautiful and can be used as a cut flower so you can bring them inside to enjoy too.

We hope this is enough of a taster to get you interested in looking through our new catalogue.  If you ordered in the past year your copy will be posted directly to you from the printers.  All the new varieties have been available online since 1st July.  If you would like a new catalogue and haven't received one by the end of July, send us an email and we will be happy to send one out.

Happy spring planting planning!!

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Lyn Corrin says ...
So looking forward to receiving your new catalogue. It's my bible!
Marlene Gasson says ...
These plants look great will have to send for your catalogue
Candice Johnson says ...
The chocolate Cosmos look good enough to eat, beautiful

Oh dear!

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