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New Autumn Varieties

The time is here to get your autumn seeds sown so we thought is would be a good time to focus on the new varieties in our current catalogue that are suitable for planting as the weather starts to cool (end of February).
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What can you plant for Autumn?

The time is here to get your autumn seeds planted so we thought is would be a good time to focus on the new varieties in our current catalogue that are suitable for planting as the weather starts to cool (end of February).


Autumn Manure Mix

This year, we added the Autumn Manure Mix to the cover crops.  Plant this in your garden to provide a winter cover that suppresses weeds and this in turn gives your garden soil a nice rest so that it is ready to provide you with a bumper spring/summer crop the following season.

The blend contains rye, peas, clover and vetch.  These all work towards helping with crop rotation as they provide a change from the likes of your brassica, cucurbits and whatever else you normally sow as food crops.  This manure mix grows a good amount of green matter that can be chopped and dug into your soil closer to spring, which provides some great nitrogen and helps to break up and aerate the soil.

We have had the Spring Manure Mix in our range for a long time and it eventually had its name changed to Kings Manure Mix as it is suitable for planting year round so now you have two great blends that can be planted as cover crops.

Autmun Manure Mix

If you like to have a garden that is producing food for most of the year, it is worth considering helping your crop rotation plan by planting parts of the garden with a manure crop, however all the following varieties are the new ones that are suitable for autumn sowing.

Vegetables - Leafy Greens

Do you like to plant leafy greens for the autumn?  They are excellent for use as the seasons change from warm to cold, providing salad greens as well as vegetable options for that winter comfort food.  Chopped into soups, casseroles, stews, layered in dishes like lasagne or pasta bakes, or simply stir-fried or steamed, they are delicious.

Try Kale Dazzling Blue which can be used at micro, baby leaf or full leaf stage.  It is a colourful Kale that is intensely coloured and develops a good sweetness in the colder weather.

Also try the Lettuce Coastline which has sturdy and therefore crunchy crisp leaves that can be cut and come again.  
kale lettuce
Spinach is always a must in the autumn garden and the new one we have is Spinach Baby Boom
which is a lovely baby leaf spinach.  This spinach is quick to mature in 30 days with the leaves staying small and the plants are slow to bolt.  If like me you eat lots of spinach in autumn and winter, this provides a great little crop by sowing new patches every 2 weeks.

A nice addition to the range is the Cabbage Korean Kimchi F1 which is a semi-heading type with large oval red leaves.  The leaves can be picked earlier to use as baby leaf in salads making it quite versatile.  The taste is somewhere between chinese cabbage and pak choi and of course the taste and texture changes when pickled to make asian Kimchi.
spinach kimchi

Vegetables - Radishes

Radishes are an option for growing over the cooler months.  We have added four new varieties to our range, most of them being daikon radishes.

Radish Jin Mat F1 is a white mini daikon radish that grows to 10cm long and is perfect for pickling, making kimchi or eating fresh.

Radish Mini Daikon Purple provides you with an oblong purple daikon radish.  Something a little different than the white varieties and it is purple all the way through.  Grows to 12cm long.

Radish Seol Chun F1 is a large white daikon radish that weigh approx 1kg each when mature.  Provides you with a lot of crisp mildy spicy daikon.

Radish Hailstone is a standard radish that prefers the cooler weather growing conditions.  It is an heirloom variety from the 1800's that matures quickly (25 days from direct sowing) and produces a pure white globe shaped radish.

mini diakon jin mat

Vegetables - Broccoli

Broccoli Summer Green F1 is a hybrid broccoli that has been added to our range.  It grows tight heads on compact plants and the best feature of this particular broccoli is that it does well in warmer temperatures too.

Broccoflower Geum F1 is a broccoli with cauliflower aspects.  It is lime green in colour and only takes 45-50 days to mature.  The shape is a lovely spiral with peaks and the taste is similar to a mix of cauliflower and broccoli.
broc broccoflower


Marigold Spinning Wheels - this marigold has large double blooms similar to a chrysanthemum and is heat tolerant.  The colours are a lovely mix of orange and yellow.

Viola Coastal Sunrise Mix - Large dark-faced pansies with a good mix of colours from red to pink, blue, peach and gold to yellow.  Great for a burst of colour going into the winter.

calendula nastur poppy

Calendula Yellow Porcupine - Add these spiky flower petals to your salad or cut the flowers for your vase.  The buttery yellow colour gives a nice display and would be great paired with the Orange Porcupine too. 

Cosmos Brightness Mix - Who can resist cosmos, especially in this amazing array of colours to brighten up your day.  Being a dwarf variety they are perfect for growing in pots or containers otherwise plant them in your garden border.

Poppy California Rose Blush - Frilly petals in rose colours with a white and yellow centre.  Nice on their own or as an addition to wildflowers display especially as they flower prolifically.

pak choi tarragon tic


Pak Choi Purple Magic - the Pak Choi is a popular microgreen and this adds a nice purple coloured leaf to your microgreens.  The purple tends to intensify in the cooler months.

Tarragon Texas - Something a little different for your microgreens that will regrow if the first harvest is done with care.  The flavour is tarragon with a hint of anise.

Tic Bean - A great crunchy microgreen that is ready to harvest after 10-12 days.  The taste is yummy bean flavour and the leaves are strong giving them a crunchy texture.

So we hope this blog inspires you to try something new this autumn.

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