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Have you noticed?

Have you noticed the new updates that help you to browse our website?
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Website update

We have made some improvements and thought a quick blog was in order.....................


Click on the image to see a clearer version of the info bar.

The biggest improvement is the information bar.  We have had it in the catalogue for several years now and this year we have updated the symbols and the consistency of use.  We love our new wee symbols and most of them are in the Kings Seeds green which adds a bit more colour for interest.

The information bar has now been added to each variety on our website.  Hope you are finding all the information easier to read than all the text we used to have.



Have you seen the chilli symbols?  The intention is to give you a bit more of an idea about the heat of the chilli as it is a question that we are asked on a regular basis, particularly by those of you that are heat seekers.  One chilli indicating mild heat, and the more the hotter the chilli.


A new bar has been added to the bottom of the information bar that now shows Maturity times.  This addition also specifies whether they are direct sow or transplant.  Now you can work out, according to whether it is germinated for transplant or directly sowing, when to expect results.  Of course, this is only an indication as regionally it varies, but I'm sure you realize this.  Those of you planting up your gardens for a wedding, can now work out when you need to plant to achieve the best show of colour on the big day.  Those of you that want to work out if you have enough sunshine hours for a particular vegetable to ripen to its full potential have all the information you need.  Just add the germination time, plus how many days you want to grow in the pot (for transplant) to the maturation days and there you have it!


zoom symbol-48Have you used the zoom feature yet?  Have a look on the details page of each variety and you will see the "zoom image" feature underneath the Quantity.  Click on it and the picture will be shown to you in a bigger format.  We have had great fun checking out some of the flowers and have managed to spot the odd insect in some of the photos.  You may notice that the pictures are varying sizes depending on the different photo takers equipment!


We had a limerick competition during the year and some of them have made it into the catalogue.  Check out page 77.  They are really good.

So if you have made it this far in the blog, you are now well-informed for browsing our catalogue and on our website.  Enjoy the process of choosing what you are going to grow this season.


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