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Best Sellers for 40 years

Written by Karen on August 12th, 2018.      0 comments




A pretty big acclamation being a variety that has been in our range for so many years. In fact it is downright incredible. This symbol features in our catalogue this year and indicates the varieties that have achieved our 40th year birthday. A BIG CONGRATULATIONS to the following:


[Before you start reading, can you guess how many varieties there are? You will find the answer in this blog?]





Dianthus Clove Pinks (0415)

A mix of pink, red and scarlet flowers that have a wonderful scent therefore they are included in the Selection Fabulous Fragrant Flowers (SEL027)


Honesty (0620)

An old fashioned flower that is great for drying. The flowers are white or purple and tolerate a range of soil types make them perfect for growing in shady areas.


Mignonette (0820)

A well-known variety that has a lovey scent and yellow-white flowers. As it grows to 30cm high Mignonette is suitable for planting along borders or path edges.


Teasel Fullers Comb (1680)

This grows to 1.5m high with a well structured flower-head that was once used to comb woollen cloth.







Basil Sweet Genovese (3025)

Our most popular basil variety that is sold as a herb and a microgreen. Great all round bright green basil that can be dried or used to make pesto.


Rocket (3570)

A peppery flavoured salad green that has become really popular in everyday life. Use in salads, sandwiches or throw a handful on top of your cooked pizza.







Anise (4525)

Used since Roman times, this herb aids digestion and the seeds are used in soups, cakes and biscuits.


Basil Bush (4540)

This small leaved variety grows well in containers/pots. Use it the same as the Sweet Genovese variety.


Basil Dark Opal (4555)

A nice change in colour for the basil varieties having dark purple foliage. Use fresh in salads to give a lovely spike of interest in colour and flavour.


Basil Sacred (4603)

Also known as Holy Basil this is used in Ayurvedic medicine and popular in Thai cuisine with its aniseed flavour. Germinate this basil at higher temperatures.


Due to the Kings Seeds business being founded on herbs, there are many more herbs that were in the original catalogues.

They are:

Borage (4635) Caraway (4650) Catnip (4665) Chamomile German (4675) Chervil (4685) Chives Broad Leaf (4695) Coriander Slowbolt (4710) Epazote (4745) Feverfew (4765) Hyssop (4770) Lavender English (4790) Lemon Balm (4795) Lovage (4805) Marjoram Sweet (4815) Oregano (4830) Peppermint (4855) Rue (4865) Sage (4875) Salad Burnet (4885) Summer & Winter Savoury (4890/4895) Sorrel (4915) Spearmint (4916) Tansy (4930) Tarragon Russian (4935) Thyme English & French (4940/4945) Wormwood (4960)


Hanging Herbs





Artichoke Green Globe (6010)

This heirloom variety of artichoke is a deep green colour and produce with vigour.


Cardoon (6620)

Closely related to the globe artichoke, Cardoon is grown for its celery like stalks. It is also grown for its impressive foliage and thistle like flowers.


Endive Ruffec Green Curled (7115)

An heirloom leafy green with long frilled fronds that are green on the outer leaf and the inner part of the leaf being a creamy colour.


Florence Fennel Milano (7135)

A popular bulbing fennel that is compact with big white spherical bulbs that have a great taste and very little fibre.


Luffa (7380)

Used in Asian cuisine when harvested as a young fruit or grown to maturity, the fruit is dried to use as bathroom sponges or body scrubbers.


Onion White Welsh (7655)

Similar to spring onions, this multiplying onion has a thick fleshy base. They are used in Chinese and Japanese cuisine and alter in pungency during different seasons.


Salsify (8570)

A root vegetable with an oyster flavour that we receive many enquiries about. Great used in soups and chowders.


Salsify Black Scorzonera (8575)

And this is the black skinned variety of salsify that needs space due to its vigour. Cultivation is similar to parsnip.


Shungiku (8590)

This is a herb like leafy green used in the orient like spinach. The serrated leaves taste similar to how chrysanthemums smell.




keep scrolling for the answer 



That’s 47 varieties!!!      Well done if you guessed correctly.