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2017-2018 Catalogue is OUT

Written by Karen on July 24th, 2017.      0 comments

It's out circulation.........nothing more to say really!
Cover 2017
The post has been inundated with our catalogues, winging their way to you all over the country.  Most will have made it to their destination.  A few have been returned, keeping our local posties busy.  No doubt we will hear from those that suddenly realise they haven't received their catalogue - probably moved address and forgot to let us know - no problem.

We posted out nearly 20,000 catalogues this year.  What a great number! They are automatically sent to anybody who made a purchase of $15 or more during the previous 12 months. 
Not sure if you have?  Send us an email and we can check and put you on the next mail out.
oyster leaf shallots
Here we are wrapping up warm in the winter weather.  Perfect time for perusing catalogues?  Absolutely!!
Our Open Day was on Saturday 22nd July.  Competitions, chocolate, new free catalogues are all part of this event.
spring staff
Here we go again........spring time, rush time.  The orders are starting to flow in via the mail, the fax, email and on our website of course.  We have our new spring staff on board who are settling into our daily routines.  Their help to get your orders out on a daily basis (during the week) is invaluable.  We always have lots of laughs while picking and packing and we already have plans in place to fit in some socialising - very important aspect of debriefing during these crazy busy weeks.

spring mail

Already bought your seeds for spring?  There are quite a few of our customers who purchase their spring seeds a month or two before the new catalogue is released.  If you are one of these, there is every possibility that after receiving your lovely new catalogue you are tempted to do a little top up.  Go it!  Put in that extra order and try a few new varieties.

new toms

The nature of gardeners who grow by seed is that they are very organised and have their orders in to us during July and August.  These are the gardeners who get all the packets they have ordered.  Some varieties start going out of stock early on.  There may be a magazine or newspaper article that caused a run on something and if we only have a bit of stock it will soon have the 'Out of Stock' message beside it on our website.  So go on.....get that list sorted for your spring garden.