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Amazing Iris Garden 

Amazing Iris Garden Logo 2
Amazing Garden brings you the largest range of Irises in NZ, including Bearded, Louisiana, Japanese and Siberian varieties. They are the “Iris Experts” with 20 years of experience of growing and supplying via mail order throughout NZ. With Display gardens to visit during bloom season and irises for sale, or shop online on their website.  Also offering garden art and stockist of ‘Niwashi’ garden tools.

Bioforce logo(copy)Bioforce Limited


Bioforce rears and sells biological control agents, the good guys for the control of plant pests and diseases. They produce beneficial organisms that have the ability to suppress pest populations below levels that necessitate the use of chemical controls.  Bioforce strongly believe that it is in everyone’s interest to reduce the quantity of chemical pesticides applied to horticultural crops to provide the consumer with the freshest, tastiest and healthiest produce and ornamental plants possible.

DaltonsDaltons logo(copy)


Daltons has everything you need for your garden with a wide range of products; from fertilisers to potting mixes, to bark.  New Zealand family owned and operated, Daltons is committed to providing the best quality, best growing performance and best value for money retail and landscaping products. Available from all good gardening centres, Daltons products are locally made, and renewable resources are used in all their growing media and compost products.


FiskarsFiskars logo(copy)


Pick up a Fiskars product and sense its ergonomic design!  Following its tradition to drive innovation of tools that reduce the effort, fatigue and strains so often associated with gardening, Fiskars garden tools are designed to do the hard work so you don't have to. Quality dictates everything Fiskars does, a standard enshrined in the company's core values since its inception in 1649. Available from selected retailers.

GoodbyeGoodbye Logo-734


Goodbye is Hello Generosity to skin, earth and ocean. They make NATURE certified natural products that help you take care of your skin outdoors. From bug repellent to a soothing balm to sunscreen, the condensed, no-water formulations provide maximum nutrition and protection to your skin. Goodbye gives back through One Percent for the Planet. The founders Becky and John are keen gardeners, living and working from their 5-acre property in Northland.


KW LogoKiwi Wool


Kiwi Wool designs and produces a wide range of standard and custom wool pet beds, garden kneelers, lumbar rolls, orthopaedic cushions and hikers wool. Wool aids circulation and healing and helps prevent and alleviate the symptoms of rheumatism & arthritis. Made from safe natural hard wearing wool, cotton, canvas and jute, Kiwi Wool Pet Beds keep your pet warm in winter and cool in summer. Made in New Zealand

Lynn RiverLynn River logo(copy)


Lynn River Showa gloves are known as the ultimate gardeners’ accessory as they provide optimum levels of protection, dexterity and comfort.  These gloves mimic the natural shape of the hand which reduces hand fatigue and enhances comfort.  Popular choices are the Showa 310 with its natural rubber dipped palm and the bright and vibrant Showa 370 nitrile dipped gloves which are available in four fashionable colours. 


Mushroom GourmetMushroom Gourmet logo(copy)


Growing mushrooms is a popular and profitable hobby around the world. Getting started with the Mushroom Gourmet oyster mushroom kit involves simple steps and 10-15 minutes work. Fruiting starts in two to four weeks at temperatures from 26C to 6C. Tasty mushrooms such as shiitake, grow from logs with yields spanning many years. Others grow from mulch and compost yielding tasty food and great soil for plants.

NN LogoNaturally Neem


Naturally Neem is a Broad Spectrum Commercial Insecticide formulated by Kiwi growers for our Kiwi gardens and is registered (P007879) for use on all food crops. It does not contain toxic chemicals making it safe to consume food crops on the same day with no withholding period. Naturally Neem controls Whitefly, Aphids, Scale, Mealy-bugs, Leaf-mining flies, Thrips and many more. A perfect one-stop shop for the Home Gardener.

NZ Bulbs logoNZ Bulbs


With more than 250 different bulb varieties throughout the year, you'll find the best selection of quality bulbs for Kiwi gardens at www.nzbulbs.co.nz.  At NZ Bulbs, they don't just sell more than half a million bulbs each year, they grow more than 30 acres of them, so they know what works for your garden.  Shop online and earn loyalty vouchers at www.nzbulbs.co.nz.



Parva PlantsParva Logo Purple


Parva Plants is a mail order nursery founded 46 years ago, with a great reputation for being a market leader in mail order plants in New Zealand.  They produce a FREE colour Catalogue and courier plants nationwide in their unique packaging system that ensures arrival at your door in tip top condition.  Specialising in new release, rare and unusual plants from perennials, shrubs and succulents to natives.

Wonder Weeder logo(copy)Wonder Weeder


Thin your Kings seedlings and tend them as they grow with a Wonder Weeder.  This tried and true little garden tool hooks away unwanted plants without damaging the roots of your precious treasures. It is light and easy to use, especially handy in rockeries and pots, but will tackle tasks in the largest borders or vegetable plots with equal ease. The Wonder Weeder is available from selected retailers, online or by phoning 06 379 7766.

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