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Trish Secrest, Satisfied Customer

"I ordered my winter vegetables last Friday and they arrived yesterday (Tuesday). What a great service!  And the lovely lady who packed my seeds was Karen.  You guys always provide great service with a friendly smile. It's so nice to have a brilliant company like yours that provides all the extra varieties of seed that we gardeners love."

Sandie Shivas, Returning Customer

"I've just had a large chunk of years without a garden so have been pleasantly surprised with all the changes you've made.  The online ordering is really easy to use and efficient.  Thanks very much for your planning and effort.  I'm looking forward to growing your seeds again.  Well done for making a brand I easily remembered with enthusiasm."

Robyn Reid, Enthusiastic Catalogue Recipient

"The new catalogue dropped in my letterbox this morning. Well, that pretty much pushed everything else off the radar this afternoon. Congratulations! It's a great job you've done. It just gets better and better in my opinion.
And nice work on the website too. Not just tinkering, major improvements. Some great navigation pluses. I'm especially pleased with the SAE option for the many times I realise I've forgotten to add one seed or other to an order. That's fabulous, thank you. That's it really. Just a wee squeal of pleasure and appreciation from a happy customer."

Chris Smith, Portstone Garden Centre
First ever store in NZ to stock our range of seed and still trading - a proud record for both of us!

"Kings Seeds have been providing top quality service to Portstone Garden Centre for over 20 years.Their comprehensive range of seeds, from mainstream to the diverse satisfies our wide customer base. We have positive feedback regarding the quality of the seed and the excellent germination our customers get. Portstone Garden Centre is proud to stock King Seeds."

Jeanette Ida, Ferretti Growers

“As commercial growers, we have always found Kings Seeds to provide an efficient, friendly and helpful service.  There is a very good range of organic seeds that are reliable and cost effective, for the home or commercial organic grower.  Thanks very much.”

Virgil Evetts, Gardening Writer

“Kings have been one step ahead of every gardening trend in recent memory:  Heirloom Tomatoes, Tuscan Kale, Micro-Greens and more, all started locally through the Kings Seeds catalogue.  Others might have picked up the torch but each one started with Kings as will, no doubt, the next big thing.”

Virginia Pawsey, Author and long-time customer

“All through the winter the beautifully seductive Kings Seeds catalogue sits on my desk, I flick through it frequently planning my summer vegetable garden.  I’m tempted by rare varieties of common garden vegetables I’d love to try, Thessaloniki tomatoes, Costata Romanesco Zucchini, Green Dragon cucumbers, Dulce Espana peppers, the choice is huge.  Making the final selection in spring is always difficult, the easy part is ordering online and having to wait only two days for the seeds to arrive.”

Alia Finn, Thames Organic Shop

“For over ten years we have been retailing Kings Seeds. All orders are done with great speed and efficiency, and on every occasion staff go out of their way to assist. We are very fortunate with the large range of organic seeds that are stocked and their germination rate is the best of our ranges. Thanks for the great service.  Stay awesome Kings Team!”

Michelle & Richard, Edible Organics

“We have been dealing with Kings Seeds for 18 months, since taking over the Edible Organics nursery business. The staff have always been extremely helpful, friendly and knowledgeable, and the range of organic and heirloom seed is of high quality and very comprehensive.  We also find them to be well priced and promptly delivered. The fabulous colour catalogues are a helpful business tool so we can educate ourselves and our customers to try some of the more unusual varieties of vegetables and herbs that are available. We are proud to be associated with Kings Seeds and look forward to growing our business with their help in the future.”

Pauline Swanton, VIP Customer

“I have been buying Kings Seeds for about 7 years and have been very happy with the speedy dispatch of my orders, the quality of the seeds and also the contact with staff from little notes with my orders. It’s great to get a smiley note.”

Dianne McConnell, Home Gardener

“Received the seed order yesterday by rural post which is great considering I only placed the order two days earlier.  Just want to thank you for your great service and working out the best price for me for the seeds.  Much appreciated.  I'm always very impressed by your efficiency.”

Vanessa Schonberger, Mobile Phone Shopper

"Hi, I'm impressed. I had to use my phone as we have no internet here. Usually my phone collapses after a page loads but not this one. It was like using a computer. I found it easier to get around and find what I needed. Cool..."