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Vertical gardening.......that's Up, not Out

Written by Karen on October 9th, 2015.      0 comments

indoor kitchen garden

Have you noticed there is a lot of interest in growing gardens in a vertical fashion?  And this can be done indoors as well as outdoors.  I have always admired the look and in an effort to create some new interest in my garden, I started doing some research for ideas ................then I realised the topic would make a great blog ........................I hope you enjoy all the amazing options below and I think this type of gardening would appeal to those of you that love to recycle.

Small Garden Spaces  -  If you have a small space like a balcony or a courtyard, the vertical garden growing up and not out naturally takes up less of your precious ground space.  This allows you to grow more while maximizing the outdoor area you have and is suitable for growing a good array of vegetables, herbs or flowers.  It is a smart solution for creating colour in a small space and will encourage you to sit outdoors and enjoy the display.
wall art-68


Close At Hand  -  Have you a space on your kitchen wall?  A vertical garden with your herbs and salad greens right there in your kitchen is a great practical addition as well as some living art.

Save Your Back  -  Vertical garden space creates easier gardening without so much bending.  They also tend to have less weeds too being a smaller space and that's a back and knee saver.

Economical Use of Water  -  If you have several layers in your vertical garden, gravity does the work for you in getting the water to the lower levels.  Be aware that like all container gardens, they have a tendency to dry out quickly so watch the water content in your soil carefully when first planted, to establish your watering routine.

pot on pot

Art Features  -  A vertical garden creates a natural wall or art work both inside and out.  Many of the house decorating magazines and books these days feature beautiful natural walls in the living area of a house.  The plants used in these walls are many and varied including succulents, grasses, herbs, etc.  The exterior vertical gardens tend to be more practical for growing vegetables, strawberries, herbs, flowers, etc.

big wall

Keep Out Pets  -  A natural bonus with your garden being vertical is that it minimizes the pets digging in your garden or lying on your wee plants while they catch a bit of sun.  Sound familiar?

Suggested Vessels  -  Check out these pictures for options.
Vertical Pockets/Shoe Organiser

pockets and shoe

Hanging Grow Bags
grow bag

Gutter/Pipe Planters


Recycled Tin Cans

tin can wall

Wire mesh with wire loops that hold terracotta pots

wire and pots-379

Recycled Dresser/Bookshelves

garden art drawers-178


Hanging planter made up of five wooden planks with openings that let pots dangle. The planks are spaced evenly between two pieces of rope and are secured with zip ties for a uniform look.

pots in shelves-635


Pallet Garden - use whole pallets or half to suit your space.

pallet gardens

Stacked wooden boxes or crates

box tower

Recycled ladder with planks between rungs for shelving

ladders and planks

Suggested Plants  -  Match your plant size with your container size and low growing flowers, herbs or vegetables are best.  Once the plants are past their best, you can replant easily, changing the variety to suit  your fancy.

bedhead flowers