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A very nice letter from a Friday visitor – Sam Scott of Waihi writes:

Dearest Kings Seeds Team
I am just writing to you, as we all know most people only comment when they get bad service or product.  However, I thought give credit where credit is due.
I had my first experience of visiting your friendly workplace a fair few Fridays ago.  All the team were very friendly, knowledgeable, smiling and came across as very happy in their work.
I was gob smacked at the set-up to any avid gardener it would be like walking into a sweet shop!
I usually buy packet seed from Mitre 10 or the like.  However I am so glad that my friend recommended a visit to your place to buy seed.
I am a great lover of chillies and purchased a few packets of Jalapeno seed, not only was the service and knowledge I received A1, I am pleased to write that I had a 99% strike rate!!  Which is another first as in the past with different branded seed, the strike rate has been nowhere near that.
So thank you so much for the fantastic service and the best packet of seed ever! Keep up the excellent work.

Faye Dodunski, Morrinsville:

My friend and I are keen gardeners.  She has recently been ill.  It was her birthday and as a treat I took her on a mystery road trip.  Yep, you guessed, to Kings Seeds.
Anyway, your staff were WONDERFUL.  We just sat outside and chatted to your customers going in and out.  We spent three and a half hours, just sitting, looking at your catalogues, and talking gardening to your staff and customers.
We did buy seeds, and I have just planted out some sunflower seedlings I grew.
We had a fabulous day and I just wanted to day thanks.  No one pressured us or hurried us.  My ill friend was able to sit relax and enjoy.  I, for one, will visit your property again.  Job well done!

Catherine Simes, Christchurch:

Well done on sending out this email (Solutions for Gift Shopping Dilemmas this Christmas).
It certainly got my interest and I have already placed an order for Christmas.  A very good marketing ploy to get people thinking.  Good timing also as it’s early before too many prepared people have started to do their shopping.  Keep up the good work, I love your seeds.

Iris Gillespie, Cromwell:

You certainly make life simple to order through your beautiful book – a credit to you and all your staff.

Seamus Hughes, Kaikoura:

Just found your site.  Looks mean.  I am sick of buying shit vegetables from the supermarket. Cheers.

Pamela Laing, Ashburton:

I was one of the lucky people who sent you my name and address on the back of an envelope and received your catalogue and packets of seeds.  I find it difficult to put into words how truly grateful I am to have received these.
All the seeds will be used, some in my small raised gardens, some in my greenhouse and others in my daughter’s garden…..I particularly would like to express my admiration for your catalogue, the wonderful photography, the extensive range it covers but especially for the plant descriptions and the very useful tips spread throughout the publication.